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Cellphones and Driving do NOT mix

              People who think it is right to just chat away on your cellphone and ignore the matter at hand, driving, are idiots. You are not only endangering your own life but the life of others. All of you who say they can control their car and pay attention to someone on the phone are liars. I have tried this and I am not a good driver and it has almost caused havoc. Even good drivers can get into a car accident while being on the phone.Ya, you might be able to multi-task but you never know. It’s not like you cannot just pull over and talk to someone or wait til you get to your destination to talk to them. Unless it is life or death, we should all just wait to talk on the phone.

Pet Peeves

This should be easy I have a lot of pet peeves

1. Old people drivers

2. Fake people

3. People who lie all the time

4. Waiting

5. Loud gum chewers

6. People who are obese and wear skin tight shirts

7. Slow drivers

8. When Mcdonald’s doesn’t get my order right

9. Mooches

10. Stingy people

Opinion of the Week

My topic today is: The adoption of children by same sex couples.

                         I strongly think that gay couples should be able to adopt to matter what. The nuclear family is not so common anymore in society. If a person wants to rear a child it should not matter their sexuality or their race. For one, someone’s sexuality is predetermined it’s not like someone just chooses that they are going to be gay, they just are. The government has not put a penalty on multi-cultural relationships to not adopt, and they are still not completely socially accepted. So, I say homosexuals go adopt! you have the right!


                         First of all I would like to start by saying, I hate debating only for the simple fact that I can’t stand someone telling me that my opinion or view is wrong. Also, it is hard to keep a group of “students” sane when debating. I would think that most students would agree that when someone is debating a topic, they become defensive and tend to lose control. So all in all, I dislike debating very much. Above I described my weakness in debating is that I cannot stand when people argue with my own opinion. My strength would have to be that because I cannot stand it, I will fight til the end of the debate until what I say is right.

Obama vs. McCain, pro-choice vs. pro-life, drinking age, smoking in public places, the death sentence, the salary of movies stars/firemen,cops,etc., Tv violence affecting children, and animal experimentation.

Opinion of the Week


       My opinion of the week is a very controversial one. A lot of people think that abortion should become illegal through and through. Regrettably, i think this is ridiculous. What if someone that you know got raped and became pregnant? Would you expect this person to keep the child? NO! If abortion was illegal this woman would have to look at her child everday and have him/her remind her of that horrible event everday of this child’s life. Abortion should NOT be used as a birth control, but as a solution to a problem. This problem is rape or incest. It is the woman’s choice and her body, she can do whatever she wants with it. I am pro-choice and I will never change my stance on this.

Ideal Mate

      There are many characters that I look for in an ideal mate. You could say that I am a very picky person. I am dating the perfect man, and I am not just saying that because he is mine. He treats me like a princess, the way that a girl should always be treated by a guy. My number one quality in a guy is a sense of humor. I love when a person is funny, but always knows when to be serious. Another quality that I look for is someone that I can talk to about anything and everything, and they can talk to me. Also, if I cannot act like myself there is no point in dating this person. I once had a boyfriend that he would call me wierd or something when I was hyper. I am a very hyper and enerjetic person and if a guy can’t handle that, then no thanks. Usually you can only get a couple of your ideal characterists out of one guy, but I am happy with my guy because he possesses all of my favorite qualities.